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Product Information

Only the FINEST in "HEALTHY" Cajun Seasoning

Only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Spices have very low calorie content and they are a great way to turbo-boost the natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power of your diet.  Each spice has a unique set of health benefits to offer.  180° Cajun Blendz & Seasonings, LLC prides themselves in making all products low in sodium, no preservatives or MSG's making them a cleaner and healthier way to season you cooking or dishes.


"La Cajun Gold" Sample Packs.  Each pack contains approximately 5 grams of powdered seasoning.

Samples are usually available for most of our fine products.  Ranging in size, the sample packs are an excellent way for the consumer to test run our products to see if they are a fit for you and your dishes or application.

180° Total Seasoning



180° Cajun Blendz & Seasonings, LLC offers you a mixture of Seasoning Blendz, Apparel and Kitchen Gear. 

We’ve blended our “all-purpose" seasoning "La Cajun Gold" with the freshest ingredients to truly enhance the flavor of anything you are cooking – pork, poultry, beef, seafood and vegetables. It really does work on everything!  

Cajun180 has also added to its line up, the La Cajun Gold Premium Cocktail Rimmer, The Cajun Trinity cooking blend, the 180 Dry Mojo Cuban inspired citrus blend, Spiced Peanuts and Spiced Pecans.

Cajun180 is driving fast into the seasonings world with unique blends of seasonings that is capturing the hearts of consumers and delivering the essence of Cajun Cuisine cooking.  Due to the makeup of the recipe of all Cajun180 products, the company prides itself in being able to to reach the general population of cooks as well as catering to those cooks and users that may have intolerance and special needs when it comes to seasoning ingredients.  This makes Cajun180 products a cleaner and healthier source for a consumer.     

Once you try 180° Cajun Blendz, The Next Big Thing in the seasoning world, you will change or what we call take a 180 direction in how you season your food.   

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